Have Your Passport Photo Taken At Our Store

Save time and money by getting your passport photo taken at participating Hi-School Pharmacy stores.

No appointment is needed, simply stop in on your way to file your passport application.

5 Tips For A Great Passport Photo

  1. Don’t wear a white shirt: You will be standing in front of a white background, as per U.S. State Department’s regulations, so wear a contrasting color. No one wants to have a “floating” head.
  2. Smile with your eyes: Again with the regulations, you are supposed to have a “neutral” expression but think of something happy before the flash goes off to soften your face.
  3. Wear your glasses if you normally wear glasses: There will be a flash but you can prevent glare by slightly tilting your head downward.
  4. Blink before it matters: Many photographers will count to 3 and if you blink on number 1, you won’t be caught blinking on number 3.
  5. Posture is important: Hold your head high and push your shoulders down and back.

That’s it! We take care of the rest. Your pictures will be printed right away and you’ll be┬áthat much closer to the vacation of your dreams.